Matt and Naomi are both fortunate to have jobs where they can dress down, on just about any day of the week; but today they dressed really down. Why? It's International Sweat Pants Day.

Isn't it good to know you're free to wear sweats to work today? OK, you may want to ask permission from your supervisor first but nevertheless....

Matt and Naomi decided to commemorate International Sweat Pants day and they couldn't be more comfy in theirs:

Matt Hubbell
Matt Hubbell


Be sure to wear sweatpants on this day wherever you go! The day was founded to commemorate the former fashion sin called "jogging trousers". Due to their convenience, sweatpants are often seen as the ideal casual wear.
Do you have a favorite pair of sweats that get way too much use especially on the weekend? Matt told us that he still wears a pair that he received as a Christmas gift...15 years ago.

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