If you missed any of the questions and/or answers on your More Music Morning Show's "Mindbender Trivia," here they all are:


Monday 04/10: At any given hour, an average of 72,000 people are doing this in the US... What are they doing?

Answer: Flying

Tuesday 04/11: 76% of Americans say they have never done this illegal activity... What is it?

Answer: Illegal gambling (like before they are of age or illegal bets/football squares)

Wednesday 04/12: More than 2.2 million Americans play this instrument... What is the instrument?

Answer: The accordion

Thursday 04/13: The average American child will use 730 of these by the time they turn 10... What are they?

Answer: Crayons

Friday 04/14: Over 20% of Americans take a vacation day at least once a year to do this... What is it?

Answer: Sleep





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