Here is a chance to salute our son's babysitters. Both Amy and Marcella do a fantastic job with Dylan and they are worth every penny we pay. It seems that this Hempstead, New York mom was looking for good help as well, but she just didn't feel like paying for it. She's in big trouble for leaving her little boy unattended in a Lego store in a local shopping mall.

When 44 year-old Patricia Suarez finally came back to the Lego store to retrieve her son she was promptly arrested. Most likely because it wasn't just a quick 5 minute jot to the dollar store, Patricia allegedly left her son in there for an hour and a half!

She’s been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and other unrelated charges.

Now us parents do find ourselves scrambling to find a good babysitter, so I do have a question for ya. Who’s the most unusual or unlikely person you’ve ever gotten to help with your kids?

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