Some people should just not be allowed to have or take care of children. The New York City Police Department were searching for a woman who they say allegedly abandoned a baby on a New York City subway platform, but no longer. We have an update.
The baby girl is estimated to be seven months old, and police have just located her mother who can be seen in the videos.

The Inquisitr reports that:

The 20-year-old mom now charged by police with abandoning her baby is Frankea Dabbs, a troubled young woman whose family says suffers from mental health problems, and who recently witnessed her boyfriend, the baby’s father, being murdered by masked robbers in their home as she hid terrified under a bed.

The baby is doing fine after an examination at a nearby hospital.
CNN reports:

A witness told police she saw a woman, described as between 20 and 30 years old, push a stroller from a subway car onto the platform when the doors opened. The woman didn't get off the train, instead letting the doors slide closed and continuing on, according to the witness.

Take another look at the story and please comment. Was she really in fear of the fate of her child and herself or is she just a bad mother?


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