Happy New Year.  Here are the questions and answers to the J.R. and Naomi Lynn morning show mindbenders for the week of 1/2/17.

No Question on Monday.

Tuesday 1/3:  These devices became popular in the late 1970's, and by 1990 nearly every home in America had one.  However, the last one was produced in 2016.   A:  VCR

Wednesday 1/4:  Now that the new year is here, nearly half of all American adults are trying to do this on any given day.   A:  Diet

Thursday 1/5:  According to a brand new survey, this is the number 1 resolution American's made for 2017.  A: To save more money

Friday 1/6:   According to a new survey, 4-out-of-10 of us say that watching people do this on TV gives us an urge to do it ourselves.   A:  Eating

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