Here are the questions and answers for the J.R. and Naomi Lynn Mindbenders for the week of 2/13/17:

Monday 2/13:   Survey says...more than three-quarters of all FaceBook users have admitted to searching for this while online.   A:  An ex

Tuesday 2/14:   When Walt Disney Pictures first advertised this movie, they called it "The most beautiful love story ever told."   A:  Beauty and the Beast

Wednesday 2/15:   According to a survey done by a popular woman's magazine, this is the most romantic thing a man could do for her.   A:  Give her a hand-written letter

Thursday 2/16:  According to a new study, the average American now spends more money doing this each month than they do on groceries.   A:  Dining out

Friday 2/17:   According to a study, nearly 1-in-5 drivers will see this light at some point today.    A:  Low fuel light


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