Here are the questions and answers for J.R. and Naomi Lynn Morning Mindbenders for the week of 2/27/17:

Monday 2/27:  In the average household in America, what is the oldest item you'll find in someone's refrigerator?   A:  Salad dressing

Tuesday 2/28:   According to the latest stats...the average amount now given to a child for this is about $4.70.   A:  Losing a tooth (Tooth Fairy)

Wednesday 3/1:  The average American worker will spend just under $1100 on this product, this year alone.   A:  Coffee

Thursday 3/2:   Survey says...a burger and fries are considered the most-American food there is.  Pop Tarts are second.  What comes in 3rd?   A:  Buffalo wings

Friday 3/3:  According to a new survey...this is the household expense Americans would most like to get rid of.   A:  Cable TV

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