As we get close to the end of the year, we take a look back at some of the best "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn" videos.

Naomi Lynn has been busy this year, from telling you about the "Latest Trend with Potatoes" to showing you how to "Fix Makeup That's Been Shattered." But some videos have proved to be more 'entertaining' compared to others. Here we have the Top 5 "98 Seconds" videos based on view count on YouTube. These videos had almost 9,000 views combined (as of December 8th).


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    Testing Out the "Bug-A-Salt"

    There's a gadget called the "Bug-A-Salt" and it's supposed to be the new, clean way to kill flies. The nerf-looking device shoots out salt, which is supposed to keep the bugs intact (instead of a fly-swatter that just smashes them). But how well does it work? Naomi Lynn tests it out in the video below:

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    Behind-the-Scenes at Lite 98.7

    Have you ever wondered what radio personalities really do throughout the day (especially when they're done talking on the radio). Well, this "98 Seconds" video gives you a quick sneak-peek of a typical day for Naomi Lynn at Lite 98.7.
    Unfortunately, 98 seconds isn't a lot of time, so she wasn't able to cover everything that happens, but it does give you a better look at what happens when the mics are off.

  • 3

    Visiting CoreLife Eatery in New Hartford

    Looking for a healthy alternative for lunch or dinner? CoreLife Eatery has just what you need, and they are now open in New Hartford!
    Naomi Lynn gets the chance to try the new restaurant and it’s safe to say she wasn’t disappointed. So what’s it like? What should you expect during your visit? Check out the video below and see for yourself:

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    Trying Turkey Joints for the First Time

    Ah, turkey joints – Another Central New York staple… that sometimes gets forgotten about. We’re quick to ask people who are new to the area if they’ve tried chicken riggies, half moon cookies, or Utica greens. For some reason though, we sometimes forget to mention “turkey joints." In this "98 Seconds" video Naomi Lynn finally tries the delicious treats.

  • 5

    What REALLY Happens at the Radio Station

    A few videos up we showed you a typical day for Naomi Lynn at Lite 98.7. It seems 98 seconds wasn't enough time to get in everything that happens, so she did a follow-up video. A lot of "working" wasn't caught on this video however, it was more of... well, check it out for yourself below:

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