The next-to-last week of the first month of 2019 brought us some publicity, a wardrobe controversy, an embarrassing incident at our favorite big-box store, and a few debates between the hosts of the Lite 98.7 morning show.

Click the video for The Best Of Beth & Dave for the Week of January 21, 2019 and/or follow along to the brief description of segments here:

-Indecent Exposure. Walmart. Florida. Another rousing edition of Your Momma Must Be So Proud, our daily 8:15 benchmark feature.

-Super Bowl 53. We were wondering who'll win the big game, so we checked with Vegas. TV cameras were there.

-Matthew McConaughey. Always good for some material. The actor has a wrestling mat in his living room. What strange things have YOU seen in someone's house?

-Objectionable clothing. A joke from Seth Meyers on his late night TV show triggered a spirited discussion about articles of clothing we wish our significant others wouldn't wear.

-Aliens. Apparently there was SOMETHING spotted in Fulton, which of course is exactly where lifeforms from some other galaxy would convene. Beth is a believer, while I'm still looking for more proof.

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