Mid-May in Central New York and the snow is finally gone. Mostly. The Lite 98.7 morning show turned its attention to stalkers, stubble, stupid phrases and silly viral audio.

Click above for the audio highlights for the week of May 14, 2018 and/or follow along to the description below, as Beth & Dave welcomed Intern Carl back to the show, following his freshman year at SUNY-Oswego. In no particular order, here's this week's Best of Beth & Dave:

1. Procrasti-baking. It has to do with procrastinating by baking things, but we hijacked the topic and took it for an amusing detour.

2. Your Momma Must Be So Proud: Crazy Stalker Edition. Our daily 8:15 feature offered us a woman who took things a bit too far after...One. Single. Date.

3. Bathroom Wars. Who makes the bigger mess in there? Men or women? You want answers? You can't handle the truth.

4. Name That Violin Animal. We took great audio from a virtuoso and turned it into a fun game. Guess who won between Beth and Intern Carl?

5. Laurel vs. Yanny. One of our callers heard something completely different.


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