If you follow haunted places in Upstate New York, one that may turn up on your "spooky" places, aka, haunted places list is Hotel Utica. Of course, it depends on the list, and of course it depends on who put said list together. And yet, it's common knowledge in Upstate New York that Hotel Utica is very haunted. So haunted, in fact, that there are prominent (read: regular) ghost figures? in the establishment. One such prominent ghost figure even has a name--Charlie, he's called. I haven't met Charlie, but one of my co-workers did. But before we get to that, let's get some background about Hotel Utica if you're not familiar.

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According to HauntedRooms.com,

When it comes to haunting, Hotel Utica has it all — moving objects, staticky phone calls, and unexplained figures seen in the night...At the front desk, hospitality staff have been known to receive phone calls from empty rooms. When they pick up the phone, they hear perhaps the creepiest sound of all: empty static...Over in the kitchen, dishes have moved all on their own, with unexplained figures seen while no staff is in the kitchen...On the mezzanine, a beautiful woman clad in a white, 1900s-style ball gown has been sighted during large events hosted at the hotel, but she’s elusive and has been known to disappear after being seen...Room 410 considered the most haunted. In this fourth-floor room, the hotel staff has found the shower running after receiving calls from the room — all while unoccupied, at least by an earthly being. Rooms 408 and 409 are also considered by the staff as ripe for hauntings.



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Some of the staff at Townsquare Media in Utica were invited by the hospitality team at Hotel Utica to go on a "ghost tour" to see if, perhaps, we too would be able to glimpse some of the paranormal activity that Hotel Utica is famed for. Something strange happened to me and since its Halloween proper, today is the perfect day to share my interesting experience.

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