November already, and we tried to avoid all the divisiveness and ridicule of the midterm elections by focusing on fun topics. We found a lot of material at the movies, on Reddit, on our Central New York phone lines, and (as usual) in our personal lives.

Click the video for a quick montage of the week's best bits in the Best Of Beth & Dave and/or follow along to this brief description below

-Bad sushi. Who can decide, really, with a delicacy featuring raw fish served at room temperature? Is it okay to leave it overnight in the car, as long as it's gonna be in the 30s? We wrestle with these big questions.

-Ring shamer. From the pages of Reddit, a great story about a woman who found her engagement ring before her boyfriend gave it to her, then posted criticism about it on social media.

-Suspicious minds. The theme of another Kinda Hard Question, our daily 7:05 feature, provided some food for thought.

-Coffee stats. A new study claims that people who like their java black may exhibit psychopathic tendencies. We discussed.

-Saddest movies ever. After watching the latest incarnation of A Star Is Born, this topic was a natural.


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