Obnoxious Couples Quiz
No matter where you go, you see them - that couple. The couple you kind of hate, but also secretly want to be, just a little bit. They're just so...obnoxious...that you actually feel a little nauseous.
Where to Meet Someone in CNY
Dating has changed A LOT in the last few years, and if you don't want to do the whole "online dating" thing, it may feel like you're stuck. So where do you go to meet someone?
Celtic Harp Offers 'Angel Shot'
Sometimes while out on a date, things may seem to be going nicely and quickly turn into uncomfortable for you. This uncomfortable feeling may be because you feel extremely safe and feel you have no way out. The Celtic Harp has your back.
University At Buffalo Top College For Hookups
You always see articles explaining how New York makes lists of most beautiful fall foliage, best state fair, and of course best apples. One list you may not think New York landed on was for college hookups. University At Buffalo came in as the number 2 college in America for hookups.

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