Vacations are a much needed part of life, but getting ready for that vacation can get a little stressful. Here's what you shouldn't do.

1 - Count Down the Days

We get it - You can't wait to go on your vacation. The worst thing you can do is count down the days (and especially DON'T count down the hours. You'll go crazy). Once you start paying attention to how many days until you're off work, your brain starts checking out and it's harder to get everything done that you need to do before you leave.

2 - Wait to Get Plans Together

If you're staying in a hotel or going to a show, don't wait until the last minute to get your tickets or book your room. Seriously, you could ruin your whole vacation if you put these details off. What if all the tickets are sold out? What if there are no open rooms at the hotel and now you have to stay at this creepy motel out in the middle of nowhere? Don't let that happen.

3 - Wait to Tell Your Boss You're Going on Vacation

This is a fine line - You don't want to tell your boss too early (when you're still working out all the details of your trip or days off), but you don't want to wait and tell him or her when it's too late. Put in your vacation days or notice, or whatever steps you have to go through to take time off, and make sure your boss knows at the same time. If you're leaving for a longer period of time, give them more of an advance notice. If you're going to be gone for a whole week, they need more than a week's notice that you won't be in.

4 - Start Saving at the Last Minute

Vacations can get pretty costly, especially if you're leaving the state or the area. You need to give yourself time to save some money. Don't plan on taking it all out of one or two paychecks. The last thing you want to do is come back from vacation and be completely broke - struggling to pay your bills and get by. That will majorly stress you out, and ruin the whole point of taking a vacation (and you'll need another one, but you didn't plan well so you don't have any money to go).

5 - Start Slacking at Work

You've got "vacation brain," we know - We understand. It gets really hard to focus on work, and you end up wasting more time than actually getting anything done. Fight through it! Don't leave yourself a mess for when you back - even though you'll think that you can handle it, it's not a smart decision.



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