They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, They're altogether ooky, The Utica Party Scene! Halloween is fast approaching, and we have the Top Halloween Parties in Utica. So get a witch's shawl on, A broomstick you can crawl on, We're gonna pay a call on, The Utica Party Scene!

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    The Deck Of Tom Cavallos In New Hartford

    34 Genesee St, New Hartford

    It's not Halloween until there is music and costumes on the deck of Tom Cavallos in New Hartford. Throughout the year Cavallos has wing night on Tuesdays, but on the Friday before Halloween they turn the deck into one of the biggest party scenes in town. Great music, great booze, that's why Cavallos is one of the Top Halloween Parties in Utica in my book.


    Photo by Tom Cavallos/Facebook
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    Lava Danceclub at Turning Stone Resort and Casino

    5218 Patrick Rd, Verona

    Looking for one the top Halloween parties in Utica close to home, and with that big night club feel? Well the Lava Danceclub at Turning Stone Resort and Casino is your ticket. Lava takes the club experience to a new level of glamour and sophistication. Every Halloween go to the party with the best at Lava. For more information about their events you can go to their event page.


    Photo by Lava Danceclub at Turning Stone Resort and Casino/Facebook
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    Varick Street

    Varick Street, Utica

    Looking for a whole bunch of the top parties in Utica on one single street? Well come down to Varick Street in Utica. Some of the top bars include (but aren't limited to): The Celtic Harp, Nail Creek, The Electric Company, The Varick, and much much more. Maybe you can grab a picture with Rainbow!


    Photo by Varick Street - Live Music & Great Friends/Facebook
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    Cayo Industrial's Warehouse of Biowar

    811 Broad Street, Utica

    Some of the top Halloween Parties in Utica aren't just where the booze is, sometimes they are where you can get scared the most. If you're looking for the top fright in town this Halloween, Cayo Industrial's Warehouse of Biowar is the only choice. Cayo offers a walk-through horror attraction with a unique, and intense style of horror. Only enter if you dare!


    Photo by Cayo Industrial/Facebook
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    Beardslee Castle

    123 Old State Road, Little Falls

    Now for the Grand Daddy of Halloween Parties in Utica, there is one choice, Beardslee Castle. Beardslee is one of the top historic locations in the region, but it's known for its hauntings. If you're looking for the real deal for Hauntings, and Partying, Beardslee is the only choice.


    Photo by Beardslee Castle/Facebook