Doing laundry shouldn't be a mystery.  You wash the clothes, dry them, fold them and you're good to go.  In my house, it's not the clear cut.  I have more missing socks than I can count.  Where do missing socks in the laundry go?


The time has come for me to start a club called "Socks Without Partners."    My washing machine seems to eat socks, especially new ones.  I've tried putting them in a lingerie bag to keep them secure and guess what happened?  The bag somehow opened during the wash and a sock went missing.  Add another sock to the "Socks Without Partners" club.  Current membership is in the hundreds.

Is there a sock monster in my washing machine?  It's funny that only socks go missing, never anything else.  This is one hungry monster.  No, I really don't think there's a sock monster in my machine.  Probably it's time to look under the agitator and see if socks have gotten trapped under there.  At least that's what's been suggested to solve my sock problem.  But I kind of like my new club.  Want to be a member?  Tell me your missing sock stories.

Here's the one thing I know for sure.  Should wearing mismatched socks ever become a fashion trend, I am so ready!

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