Something eerie and strange showed up in the night sky over the weekend. Now it's causing quite a commotion on YouTube - Was it a UFO?

Julien Solomita captured this video over the weekend, and posted it to YouTube. In the video he admits he doesn't know what it is, but he thinks it could be a UFO. If we look at the correct definition of a UFO, it means any 'Unidentified Flying Object,' but we're looking into this more as - is it something from space?

The video is pretty eerie, but is it enough to actually start a panic on YouTube... Probably not, but you can be the judge for yourself. First you see the object in the sky - and it doesn't look too impressive, but at about 1:19 in the video this blue cloud seems to come from the object... Weird, right?!

WARNING: This video is NSFW - Language, Language, and more Language! (Stop swearing so much guys!)

Comments on the YouTube range from freaking out rants that this IS something from space, to the idea that it was government missile testing, or even a meteor changing color as it hit our atmosphere.

You be the judge - Do you think it was something freaky from outer space? Or people just looking for something to panic over?




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