You spend your days working hard, and your evenings taking care of errands, shuttling the kids all over town and getting chores done. It gets exhausting. Sometimes, you just need a little alone time to recharge your batteries. According to Psychology Today, alone time allows you to reboot your brain and think through problems more effectively.

For some of us, a little time alone in Target or a long, hot shower is enough time to feel re-energized. Some of us need a little more intensive dose of solitude. Central New York has some great places to spend time alone and just...chill.

Go for a walk at Clinton's Root Glen. Ahhh, birds chirping and a cool breeze rustling through the trees. So relaxing.

Credit: Dallas Hanna
Credit: Dallas Hanna


Have dinner alone at one of Utica's great restaurants. Bring a book and you've got a perfect date...with yourself.

Restaurant dinner place setting
Credit: Brian Jackson/Thinkstock


Outdoor yoga in Utica. What's more Zen than some 'om' time? Namaste.

Boilermaker Yoga
Credit: Rebecca Kearns/Boilermaker


Take a stroll through one of the area's farmer's markets. A little browsing, and maybe some sampling of some cookies or berries. You'll feel more relaxed in no time.

Credit: Elenathewise/ThinkStock


How about kayaking? Physical exertion combined with the beauty of nature. That's a great combination.

Kayaks on a Campsite in the Adirondacks
Credit: Naomi Lynn/TSM


Choose any of these CNY activities and reboot your brain. What do you do for some alone time?



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