It's true, sometimes gay men marry women because they were brought up thinking, 'this is the way it's supposed to be." Eric Myers, a deeply religious father of five, decided to pull off the ultimate escape act back in 1991. He disappeared from his family's life and eventually was declared dead. In 2007, nearly 16 years after his vanishing act, Eric made a shocking return to his family's life as a gay man who had spent much of his new life living with his partner.

According to The Huffington Post:

Myers maintains he has no regrets about coming back from the "dead"; some his relatives, however, haven't been so quick to forgive him.
"I just wanted it all to end. I wanted everything to end," Myers told ABC News, explaining how he felt trapped by a Christian background and marriage that suppressed his sexuality. After being robbed in California, Myers headed to Mexico and then to Palm Springs, where he met a Canadian tourist who would eventually become his husband.

So Eric Myers may have finally felt free, but his family in Arizona was devastated and still is emotionally traumatized. Should they forgive him? Get the full story here:

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