Many American’s are not afraid to admit that they are prejudiced against pit-bull and Rottweiler dogs. Much research now shows that they are responsible for most of the the dog attack cases in the U.S.A. Now another such case is getting national attention. WARNING: The images of the little girl's wounds are graphic.Fierce debate can be expected once again siding with the dog over apparent safety concerns.


OPINION: What was she thinking inviting a purebred pit-bull into her home with a 2 year-old? In recent years, common sense would dictate that no matter how well trained, no matter how wonderful the owner is or how nice you think the dog is...there is an inherent nature of this breed that causes them to snap for apparently no reason. And with their unique jaw configuration, devastating injuries always occur. Many Americans are now saying, It IS the dog. Sorry, no pit-bulls are allowed on my property or near my children.