If you’re superstitious, then you may want to stay in bed today. It’s Friday the 13th. A day that many believe is the unluckiest day of the year.

Did you know the Syracuse Airport does not have a gate 13, and Hotel Utica goes from the 12th floor to the 14th floor? However, the Utica State Office Building does have a 13th floor. The fear of 13 has spread far and wide.

We love thinking about the possibility of spirits and not just the kind you drink. We’ve all heard the stories of places being haunted. The Stanley Theatre, Hotel Utica, Herkimer Court House, and don’t even get us started on Old Main. There are about 30 groups or investigative teams in this area that look for confirmation of spirits.

If you’re scared today, you may suffer from Paraskevidekatriaphobia, also known as Friggatriskaidekaphobia and Triskaidekaphobia is fear of the number 13.

Superstitions are not silly for some. Here are 13 things you should NOT do on Friday the 13th, for if you do, you’ll be tempting fate.

  1. Don’t walk under a ladder.
  2. Do not serve 13 people for dinner.
  3. Cover your mouth when yawning to keep the devil out.
  4. Don’t date - it will be doomed.
  5. Don’t open an umbrella indoors.
  6. Do not leave mirrors uncovered.
  7. Do not cross a knife and fork.
  8. Don’t spill the salt.
  9. Don’t put new shoes on the table.
  10. Ladies don’t get on a ship because you’ll endanger the crew.
  11. Don’t walk on a crack.
  12. Do not cut your hair or nails.
  13. Get out of bed on the same side you got into bed.


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