Facebook. Do you love it? Hate it? Or are you somewhere in between? I know a lot of us complain about the not so pleasant stuff about it, but do you think you'd miss it if it was gone?

Speaking of things we dislike about Facebook; no "dislike" button. However CEO Mark Zuckerberg said on Aljazeera.com, that will be changing:

the new button is ready to be tested soon and could be rolled out broadly depending on how it does.

I first joined Facebook in 2008. I was unemployed and living in California at the time so I couldn't have been happier about reconnecting with my friends from New York. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Cafe World. I also appreciated the ease of being able to catch up with my buddies from high school.  Naomi and I do have a few Facebook pet peeves however:

Game Requests

This one speaks for itself. How many times have you gotten all excited to see that you have a notification, only to later realize it was invitation to play Farmville? Now don't get me wrong, I do have a couple of favorite games on Facebook: My top 3 are, Words with Friends, Music Challenge, and Family Feud. I will accept requests to play any of those games.

Friend Requests from Strangers in Foreign Countries

I look forward to seeing a  Facebook friend request, most of the time. However, I do get a little irritated when I see a request from another country from someone I don't know. I immediately think they want my money and I'll soon be spammed with ads to buy cheap sunglasses. I've accepted a couple of requests from other parts of the world just to see what they were about. Usually the woman are very attractive but they have no friends. Something doesn't add up there.

Pity Posts

Here's an example of a pity post. "I'm having a terrible day." I'm sorry to hear your day is rotten but why make us go fishing for the "Why's?" 'Who's?" and "Where's?" I think I would much rather see a post that read: "I'm having a terrible day because my goldfish died." Now don't get me wrong, I too would be very upset if you lost Goldie, but now I at least know why you're having a bad day.

I Thought You Were My Friend

This is probably my biggest pet peeve. I get a little disturbed when I try and live chat with someone that's supposedly my friend, and they don't say anything back when you ask them a question. I'll be honest, I too am guilty of this, and I'm sorry for not chatting right away to any of my friends who may be reading this. Here are some of the reasons I haven't responded right away: I really had to go somewhere or do something right after I read the message. I didn't feel the message need to be acknowledged, or I wasn't sure how to respond at that particular time. It certainly is nothing personal, and I'll keep telling myself the same thing.

Just Jen and I talked about Facebook adding a dislike button