In honor of National Stupid Question Day, let's get the internet in a frenzy over other debatable topics... Like the correct answer to these terrible questions.

We all KNOW how much everyone likes to argue, which has become pretty apparent within the last year. Everyone has their opinion, we know. And everyone is entitled to that opinion, we know, but some Facebook and Twitter debates have just gotten SO out of hand lately. Can't we just go back to posting photos of food and people enjoying their vacations?


Okay, so then let's argue about something stupid. Let's argue about the correct answer to these stupid questions.

Is a hot dog considered a sandwich?

Think about it. What makes a sandwich? Meat between two pieces of bread, right? Wouldn’t that make a hot dog a sandwich? Or because the bread is just one piece and folded, does it make a hot dog, just a hot dog?
...Then what about a hamburger? Is that considered a sandwich?

Why do we turn down the radio when we're driving if we're having a hard time finding an address?

How can turning sound down, help us see? Why does everyone do this? Is there an actual scientific reason and somehow it does help our sight?

 Why is "abbreviation" such a long word?

You don't think the person who came up with this word and its meaning could have... I don't know... shortened it?!

Does butter belong on the counter or in the fridge?

Oh, we've seen Twitter freak out over this one. We've never seen so much hate towards people over butter. Wait no, there was one other time. That was the "does pineapple belong on pizza" debate.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Actually, I think Siri has an answer for this one. Guess you'll just have to ask her.

We think that's enough to get you started with your own debate on your Facebook Page. Enjoy and Happy "National Stupid Question" Day.





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