Every Friday we've put in on the spot, asking the difficult questions that are "Would You Rather." These are the top questions from 2016...


  • 1

    Past or Future Edition


    Would You Rather:
    Go back and re-live one particular day in your past (you get to choose)
     - OR -
    Experience one day in your future (but you don't get to choose what day it is)

    WINNER: "Go back and re-live one particular day in your past" with 57% of the votes.

  • 2

    Losing an Ability Edition


    Would You Rather:
    Lose your ability to read
     - OR -
    Lose your ability to speak

    WINNER: "Lose your ability to speak" with 63% of the votes

  • 3

    Cash or Time Edition


    Would You Rather:
    Work at your current job for a year - At double the amount of money you make now
     - OR -
    Have a full year off - And get paid what you make now

    WINNER: "Have a full year off - And get paid what you make now" with 61% of the votes.

  • 4

    Another Money Question


    Would You Rather:
    Be guaranteed 10-thousand dollars a month for the next 10 years
     - OR -
    Be guaranteed perfect health for that same amount of time

    WINNER: "Be guaranteed perfect health" with 72% of the votes.

  • 5

    Memory Edition


    Would You Rather:
    Always remember your dreams
     - OR -
    Always remember people's names

    WINNER: "Always remember people's names" with 55% of the votes.

  • 6

    Language Question


    Would You Rather:
    Be able to speak every language perfectly
     - OR -
    Be able to talk to animals

    no results available

  • 7

    Another 'Would You Rather' Question for You


    Would You Rather:
    Always have to take a cold shower
     - OR -
    Never get enough sleep to feel rested

    WINNER: "Always have to take a cold shower" with 65% of the votes.

  • 8

    Job Loss Edition


    Would You Rather:
    Be the reason why a loved one loses their job (but they don't know it's your fault)
     - OR -
    Have a loved one believe you're the reason they lost their job (although it really wasn't)

    no results available

  • 9

    Money or Life Edition


    Would You Rather:
    Be the richest person on the planet
     - OR -
    Be immortal

    WINNER: "The richest person on the planet" with 66% of the votes.

  • 10

    Naomi Lynn Asks "Would You Rather"


    Would You Rather:
    Lose all the money you have now
    (that includes anything in your bank account, cash you actually have in your wallet or at home, and any money left open on credit cards)
    – OR –
    Lose all the pictures you have ever taken
    (that includes all hard copies, digital copies, and everything on your phone)

    WINNER: "Lose all your money" with 66% of the votes

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