We've been busy filming pretty much everything we could in Central New York throughout the year. And we have your top videos from 2016.

Videos covered just about anything - From the opening of CoreLife Eatery in New Hartford to interviews with Broadway Stars (when Broadway Utica would bring their shows to the Stanley), and everything in between. These Top 5 videos had the most views on our YouTube Channel and were produced during the 2016 year:

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    Interview with Corey Fogelmanis from Disney's "Girl Meets World"


    Matt and Naomi got the chance to talk to Corey Fogelmanis, who plays "Farkle" on Disney Channel's "Girl Meets World." He was in the Utica area for our "Kid-A-Baloo" event, talking pictures, signing autographs, and hanging out with the kids.

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    Describing Little Falls


    Little Falls is part of Central New York that doesn’t get a lot of attention. So much so, other Central New Yorkers have a hard time describing the area. We put our coworkers to the test and asked them to describe Little Falls. And their answers... Well, check out the video below:

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    Matt and Naomi Retaliate to Comedian's Comments About Utica


    Comedian Chrissie Mayr toured Utica and decided to shred it to pieces. Matt and Naomi Lynn decided to shoot their own video, answering to the comments Mayr made. They tried to keep it more positive, and even invited Mayr to come back and get a proper tour of the city with them.

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    Testing Out the "Bug-A-Salt"


    Our second most-watched video this year is also our most hated video on YouTube. In this "98 Seconds with Naomi Lynn" video, she tests out a gadget called the "Bug-A-Salt." It's supposed to kill bugs better by shooting salt at them (instead of squishing them).
    The problem was, Naomi couldn't find any flies to be able to test the gadget out! She did end up finding one, but it's not what you expect...

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    Best Method for Picking Lottery Numbers


    A few years ago, a video was posted naming the best ways to pick Powerball numbers. Naomi Lynn decided to test out these "methods" and see how well they actually work. These were the results: