It has been a struggle in the 'Quitting Smoking Challenge.' But no matter what, it was time to drop down again - It's Week 5 of cutting back.

Week 4 of the 'Quitting Smoking Challenge' proved to be the hardest week, yet. With stress and daily life taking a toll, it was difficult to stick to just having five cigarettes a day. I'm not going to lie, there were some cheat days in there (which only hurts myself), but all and all, it was time to cut one more cigarette from the allowed amount.

Normally, I start on Monday - Mondays are the days where I go down one more cigarette. Not this week, though. I waited until Wednesday (granted I do have a little bit of 'extra' time I allowed myself when I started this challenge). The plan is still to go for a week - one week at four cigarettes per day - is it possible?
Can I do it?
...I hope so.



So here we go! On to the fifth week of cutting back in this 'Quitting Smoking Challenge.' I'm trying really, REALLY hard this week not to have any cheat days. They're not good, and they're not helping me out at all (if anything, it's just making the challenge harder on myself).

Fingers Crossed.




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