The Quitting Smoking Challenge continues! Week 4 proved to be difficult, but how about Week 5? Well, Naomi Lynn has some good news and some bad news.

Here comes the start of Week 6 in the 'Quitting Smoking Challenge,' since I decided to take a new approach. It has been 5 weeks of cutting back, and what a 5 weeks it has been! It really has been a roller coaster ride - with small victories, some downfalls, but all in all - it has been a learning experience.

So how did this last week go? Well, to be honest, not as well as I had hoped. Cutting back to 5 cigarettes a day was tough, but possible. For some reason though, cutting down to 4 cigarettes a day felt impossible for me.

The Challenge continues! I'm going to try and go without and see what happens. If I cave in, I'm still going to divide out my cigarettes - 3 a day. Either way, the fight continues - I WILL be smoke-free!




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