When I saw this next story all I could do is chuckle. Being a guy it kills me hearing some of these comments.   So I thought it was fitting I’d talk about this story!


According to Cosmo, these are 6 things you should never say to a guy

1. "You're so much better than all the other jerks I've dated." Not only does this comment make you sound crazy, but now he's afraid he's going to be the next "jerk." This also gets guys thinking of what defines a jerk.

2. "Can you really afford that?'' You sound like his mom, while calling him a loser. Pick a neutral time to talk finances, and only if you live together or might soon. If you just started dating, nothing is more embarrassing then bringing up money. Think of it like this, would you like him to ask you?

3. "So we're running a little late. Relax." Who's really running behind after all? Not his fault

4. "He's a great guy you should be friends with him." Who doesn’t love being told who you should hang out with. Also you may have that friend who is a "great guy" into a target for potential jealousy.

5. "She made me promise not to tell, but ..." You trust him, but now does he trust you, after you've divulged someone else's secrets?

6. "Don't be silly -- I haven't done that in ages." In other words, "I used to be fun. Now I'm not." Still think it's a good thing to say?

One that should be on the list is the “I see you as my best friend”, Got to be the worst excuse out there!

What are some others that should be on the list?

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