The unseasonable weather continued in Central New York as we cruised into the second full week of October, and hot shows contributed to the Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of October 8, 2018.

We were bombarded with squirrels snatching headlines, former American pro hockey stars making news abroad, bozos from New York to Great Britain, and yet another "discussion" between Beth and I on the findings of a recent study. To hear a brief montage of the week's highlights, just click on the video and/or follow along to the description of bits below after the jump.

-Squirrels gone wild. If it wasn't a squirrel receiving CPR, it was a squirrel providing emotional support.

-Irish hockey. Who knew there was such a thing? (It would be like Utica surfing.) And we only find out through a controversial play that had everyone scratching their heads.

-Buy my girlfriend, please. That was essentially one guy's frivolous plea on eBay--one of our two 8:15 daily Your Momma Must Be So Proud segments that made "the Best Of" this week.

-Hand sanitizer. Old wisdom: not as efficient as traditional cleansing methods. New wisdom: superior germ-fighting power, especially for kids.

-Bad driving instructor. This guy in Downstate New York caught our eye in another edition of Your Momma Must Be So Proud, our daily 8:15 feature.


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