You know those days where you're feeling so productive that you get everything on your To Do list done by 8 am? Me neither.

I did get so much done today though. I cooked and cleaned. I even did that thing where you cook a ton of food to prepare for the week ahead. Heck, I made zucchini bread and pie. PIE, people. It's not even Thanksgiving.

Alas, no matter what I cook, or how much - the same thing happens every time: the kids stand, with a blank stare, in front of the refrigerator and complain that there isn't enough to eat...that there isn't anything to eat. The fridge is so packed, if you remove one slice of bread, the whole thing might come food Jenga.

I have a theory: the act of doing anything beyond unwrapping is just too much for my kids to manage. Granola bar? No problem. Spreading peanut butter on bread that had to be removed from its packaging? Now we've just gone too far. They also can't apply heat to anything. Unless it's microwaving some pizza rolls. That's a 'yes'. Heating up some leftover pasta? Again, just a step too far.

Do you have something that drives you crazy? Let me know, and it might be my next video.


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