Meet James E. Stanley, a well-known DJ running the night show at his local radio station. Did I mention he was actually a psych ward patient that escaped a few months earlier?

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Naomi Lynn/TSM

James Stanley was known on the airwaves as 'Dirk,' a conspiracy theorist who ran the night shift at KVMR - a community radio station in Nevada City, California. Stanley is actually a psych ward patient who went missing in June.

A report from the Nevada County Scooper explains that,

Mr. Stanley was suffering from several personality disorders which led him to believe that the planet was being run by, in his words, “reptilian chemtrail vaccination overlords.”

And those conspiracies, are what made him a likable personality on KVMR.

So how did Stanley get caught - after disappearing months ago? Well, according to the Nevada County Scooper,

“To be honest, we thought he was gone for good. That is until a staff member was vacationing in Nevada City in August and turned on the radio. And there he was talking up a storm about the Illuminati conspiracy. It was like old times.” [said Napa State Hospital spokeswoman Bethany Millbright.]

Shortly after that, police were called, and Stanley was taken away during the middle of his show. But he had already gained a following from his show - so let's just say, some people were a little bummed to hear he wasn't going to be on the radio anymore.

Stanley is back at Napa State Hospital... for now.




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