If you're looking to break those bad eating habits then we have a simple formula that may help thanks to The University of Southern California.

Fast Food

According to ABC News, they say it's a bad idea to try to just focus on good intentions and a strong sense of self-control because it won't work. Your habits are so engrained that just willing yourself to victory won't happen. Instead, they found that changing the environment that triggers your bad habit is the way to go, because without the cues that cause you to do something bad, the habit has the best chance of slowly going away. It's real easy to change your environment.

Doing something as simple as eating with your non-dominant hand has a huge effect on your snacking. So does putting the cookie jar in a place you can't see it and making a point of looking only at the salad menu while at your favorite restaurant. The idea is not to just cut out the bad behavior, going cold turkey, but to change it slightly. Once the new, "better," habit is established, you can move on and improve it further if you'd like.

Do you think this might help you lose weight?

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